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Color Guard

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Pride & Prejudice

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Marching Band


Because the district is only able to support a standard arts curricula, the role of the Maverick Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) Committee is to help subsidize both additional classroom essentials, fund special projects, and advocate for a diverse arts elective selection. This affords our student artists and performers opportunities above and beyond basic Visual & Performing Arts coursework. Without the generous support of our community, our students would only be able to learn art from a textbook or film, and not enjoy the many hands-on experiences LCC presently has to offer.

Funding is achieved with the assistance of department parent liaisons, donations to the Annual Parent Giving Campaign, the annual Maverick Arts Festival, and designated teacher-requested classroom grants. Some of the extras the Foundation has been able to support through teacher grants include: funding wonderful high school musicals ~ supplementing funds to help our competitive marching band ~ inviting guest teachers to enhance all disciplines (especially fine arts and dance) ~ supplementing art supplies (e.g. clay) ~ funding competitions, travel, and much more.

If you would like to become a parent liaison for any one of our Art Departments (Studio Arts, Visual Arts, or Performing Arts), please register as a Foundation volunteer and let us know which department you would love to support!

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