50 Days to 125K

October 24, 2017

It is hard to believe that it’s already the middle of October, but here we are — that means cooler weather (supposedly), pumpkin-spiced everything, holidays around the corner, and football.  It also means it’s time for an incredible opportunity at LCC.

Last year, for the very first time, we launched a campaign called “50K in 50 Days”.  Five families stepped forward who were willing to donate up to 

$5,000 each!  Our goal was for the rest of the LCC community to match that combined $25,000 donation for a total of $50,000 in just over a month.  The campaign was a rousing success, and we surpassed our $50,000 goal! 100% of the money raised went directly to our teachers; $35,000 went to our STEM classes alone.  We couldn’t have been more excited.

To put into perspective the impact this campaign made: Just three years ago, $50,000 was more than the LCC Foundation raised in parent giving in the entire school year; last year, we did it in just over a month.  It truly was incredible that our community was able to grant these additional funds to LCC’s dedicated teachers, and they were immensely appreciative.

This year, the Foundation Board has set our sights even higher.  Our fundraising goal for the 2017-2018 school year is $125,000.

All five of the families who launched the campaign last year have made the same commitment once again!

Even better, five additional families have pledged to match up to $5,000, for a total of $50,000 in matching funds!  Cue LCC community.  Every single dollar you give towards this campaign will be matched by one of our generous donors.

Ironically, even with the lowest funding, SDUHSD students achieve the highest test scores in the state — and they go on to achieve great things in college and beyond.  Our Foundation raises a small percentage of those funds that schools in other districts receive from the state.  This money is granted directly to our teachers and administrators, who use the funds to enhance the educational experience of every student at LCC.  We have already granted $40,000 to our teachers this year, but this is less than half of what was requested for first Semester alone!

Our goal is always to have 100% participation from our community.

If you can give $1,000, please consider it; if you can only give $50, we are grateful for that, too.  Whatever you can, and are willing to give, will be matched dollar for dollar and will directly impact your child. If you have questions about the Foundation or what exactly your donations are used for, please contact me.  I am happy to outline the details of our grants to date, as well as the unmet needs that we hope to fund through this campaign.

We need you to help us reach our goal and support our teachers. Together, we can make an amazing impact at LCC!

Will you join us?

Dale Jaggers
LCC Foundation Executive Director