Welcome to LCC’s 2nd Annual

When? 5pm~8pm, Tuesday, May 17th, 2018
Where? La Costa Canyon High School Learning Commons & Media Center*

General Information:  The Maverick Arts Festival will be an open-air, free event for the community, hosted by the La Costa Canyon High School Foundation.  LCC will showcase the works of our talented art students from LCC.  Live demonstrations and performances will be held throughout the evening by the high school’s theatre department, surfboard shaping class, culinary arts class, and many more.  Booth spaces will be provided for free for up to 30 local artisans. Seating will be provided to watch performances and enjoy tasty bites from a variety of local food truck vendors.  This event will be promoted within the community, local businesses, social media, and via school email updates throughout the district.         *In the event of inclement weather, the Festival will be held indoors only.

Artists and Vendors:  Applications are being accepted thru May 1, 2018.  Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of LCC.  On the day of the event, upon check-in, artists will be given booth assignments. Exhibitors, by law, are required to have a valid business license, and be responsible for collecting and paying sales tax.

Displays:  Booth spaces will be 10’x10′ in size; tent usage is optional.  Artist must provide their own tents, if using.  Double spaces are available upon request.  Artists must provide their own display, battery powered booth lights, and tables that fit into the perimeter of a 10×10 space.  No electricity will be provided.  LCC will not be responsible for any damages to booths or their contents.

Set-up & break down:  Artists will be permitted to enter the campus at 4:00 pm to begin booth set-up. Break down will promptly begin at 8:00pm and end no later than 9:00pm.

For questions, or further information: Please contact Carolyn Crane at medrep0508@yahoo.com or (858) 344-9279.

We look forward to welcoming you to La Costa Canyon High School.

Please submit the application below to reserve booth space.

2018 Maverick Arts Festival Artisan Booth Reservation

*A 20% donation from proceeds generated at the Arts Festival would be most appreciated to support LCC’s continued excellent arts curriculum!

Choose other to donate a different percent. Thank you!
I agree to the terms outlined above for the Mavericks Arts Festival. By checking this box, I agree that La Costa Canyon High School and/or the La Costa Canyon High School Foundation are not responsible for any damages that may occur during this event.