50 Days to 125K

100K and moving on!!


December 7, 2017

We are so excited to tell you that we have broken the $100,000 mark and we are well on our way to reaching our 125K goal!  We are less than one week away from the end of our 50 Days to 125K campaign so we would love your support to make it happen!!

Just today, we were able to order much needed supplies for our Culinary Arts classes.  You can’t imagine how excited our teachers were just to be able to order a new commercial can opener (as well as many other needed supplies).  We also ordered much needed calculators for our math classes, books for our English classes, and tools for our Theater Dept.

Your donation goes directly to our teachers and classrooms and together we are making a huge impact at LCC.

Dale Jaggers
LCC Foundation Executive Director




*Special thanks to the Nicholas, Leddy, Roberts, Geier, Winter/Flicker, Beacham, Camarena, Schroeder, and Hnatek families, as well as our donors who wish to remain anonymous at this time, for their incredible generosity.