50 Days to 125K

One week left, and we’re almost there!


December 5, 2017

Dear LCC Supporters,

We know that there are many places you can donate to this holiday season, but we are hoping that you will take a moment to consider why giving toward your student, teachers, and classrooms is the best place. We have had such an incredible start to the 2017-2018 school year. There has been a great response to our 50 Days to 125K Campaign where every donation of yours is matched dollar for dollar by some of our most generous donors. This money goes directly back into the classroom to support each and every student at LCC. Because of your generous support, we have been able to fund over $50,000 in needs for our teachers and classrooms. Here is a small sample of some of the things your donations have been able to support:

  • After-School Enrichment (Tutoring) Program
  • Supplies and Animals for Science Classes
  • Electric Pianos for our Music Program
  • Calculators and supplies for our Special Ed Program
  • Sewing Machines and Equipment for our Fashion Design Classes

These are just a handful of over 20 examples that have been supplied for our students.

As great as it has been to be able to fund $50,000 worth of essential supplies, there are many, many more that we have not been able to fund yet. We have more needs in all our departments – Science, Theater, Art, Math, English, the list goes on. We still have almost $100,000 worth of needs.*

Please consider supporting these very important layers of enrichment for LCC.  This is the perfect time of the year to give before 2017 is over, both for tax reasons and because this is the giving season. Every donation is tax-deductible (feel free to use our tax id 33-0708190).

So LCC supporter, can we count on you?

Please click on the link below and give online today.  Thank you so much for your generous support!

Dale Jaggers
LCC Foundation Executive Director




*Every year, our teachers turn in “Grant Applications.” These are needs they have in the classroom that are outside of District funding. 100% of this campaign goes toward these requests. None of it is used for overhead, etc.