50 Days to 125K

24 Hours Left!!


December 10, 2017

We only have 24 more hours until the end of our 50 Days to 125K campaign and we are so close to reaching our goal!  We are less than $10,000 away from making a HUGE impact for our students at LCC.

Your support goes directly to our classrooms to provide much needed curriculum, tools, supplies and training for our teachers.  With this funding, we have already been able to make a difference in this school year.  We were able to fund a new teacher at LCC to travel and attend a valuable conference to help improve our Journalism Department.  With our new IB program, we are going to be able to send more teachers to IB training which will allow even more IB course offerings over and above what the District is able to pay for.  This has a direct effect on our students and their ability to attend the University of their choice.

Your support really does make a difference!

Dale Jaggers
LCC Foundation Executive Director




*Special thanks to the Nicholas, Leddy, Roberts, Geier, Winter/Flicker, Beacham, Camarena, Schroeder, and Hnatek families, as well as our donors who wish to remain anonymous at this time, for their incredible generosity.