Your Donations are Making a Huge Impact

March 6, 2018

Dear LCC Community,

I know there are times when you receive donation requests from organizations and wonder where exactly that money is going and what is it being used for? This is probably especially true of a Foundation for a public High School. Our goal here at the LCC Foundation is to communicate as much as we possibly can in order to get you the information you need to be able to feel comfortable with your continuing support of our efforts. And support you have!


Over $100,000 granted year-to-date!

As we reported a couple months back, this has been a record year of support from our generous Maverick community.  And because of that support, we have been able to grant more money to our teachers, classrooms and students than we ever have before.

As of this writing, we have been able to supply over $100,000 to our school for crucial supplies, curriculum, and needs all across our campus.  As you can see by the pie chart, we have tried to balance these grants across numerous academic areas.  None of this even includes your generous donations for individual sports and club programs which the Foundation also manages to help every one of our athletic teams excel.  I cannot extend my thanks enough to all of those that have played a role in this process.  As a community, we have made a HUGE impact on our school.  To quote Principal Marcus, “We would simply not be able to do what we do at LCC without the support of our families through our Foundation”.

You can also support us by celebrating with us at our annual fundraiser on April 28th at the Belly Up in Solana Beach!  We will send more information and begin ticket sales to this exciting event this week, so we hope to see you there!

Once again, way to go Mavericks!  Thank you for partnering with us to stand up for our teachers, students, and education.

Dale Jaggers
LCC Foundation Executive Director